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Girl in a group of young people

Exploring stereotypes

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 11-14
Subject: PSHE, Citizenship
Challenge the assumptions we make about people when we hear a brief description.

Hong Dam in hall

Refugees: Celebrate

Topic: Refugees and migration
Age: 14–19
Subject: Citizenship, PSHE, Art and Design
Explore the contributions of refugees to UK culture.

Long road EP

Refugee Journeys

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 14-19
Subject: English, SMSC
A teaching resource based on songs from the 'The Long Road' EP.

Syrian refugees and other volunteers fill sandbags to stem flood water in York city centre December 2015

Refugee Week 2017: Our Shared Future

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 11–16
Subject: Citizenship, SMSC
Activities to help learners see refugees as “someone like me”.

Women embracing after being reunited

Tracing and message

Teacher briefing
Topic: Humanitarianism and the Red Cross
Learn about the service helping family members separated by war and disasters to trace each other.

Yamat a refugee from Syria shows a picture of her new home in Glasgow

Refugees: Welcome

Topic: Refugees and migration
Age: 11–16
Subject: Citizenship, PSHE, English, Art and Design
Gain an understanding of and show empathy towards refugees.

The cellist Vedran Smajlović playing in the partially destroyed National Library in Sarajevo in 1992 during the Balkans war

Music quiz 2017

13 Jul 2017

Topic: Disasters and emergencies, Refugees and Migration, Conflict
Age: 11–19
Subject: PSHE, Citizenship
Learn how music helps people in difficult times.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret giving a radio broadcast

Refugees: primary activities

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 5–11
Subject: English
Explore what children know and think about refugees.

Protestors demonstrate at Los Angeles International Airport on 29 January in response to a US ban on all refugees and people from several countries

Welcome fellow humans

08 Feb 2017

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 11–16
Subject: PSHE, Geography
Explore the emotional impact on those affected by the ban on refugees.

Community Initiative Works To Reduce Violence In Immigrant Heavy District

Stigma and migration

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 10–13
Subject: English, PSHE, Geography
Reflect on assumptions about migration.

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