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Older woman being supported at home

Feedback about our Independent Living services

Find out how many people would recommend our services to friends and family.

Women leaving shopping centre

Community support services for people with disabilities

Our community support services help adults with physical disabilities live in their own homes and play an active part in their local communities.

Emergency response volunteers unloading equipment from vehicle

Feedback about our Event First Aid services

Find out how many people would recommend our services to friends and family.

Woman in a wheelchair laughing with her grandaughter

Mobility aids

We provide short-term loans of wheelchairs and toilet aids.

Volunteer with a client from the Homecare Carers Respite Service

Information for commissioners and referrers

If you are a healthcare commissioner or referrer, find out what working in partnership with us can help you achieve.

Two women, one in Red Cross uniform, sit on a sofa and smile at the camera

Lorna's story: coping after my leg was amputated

After having her left leg amputated, Lorna Williams was desperate to leave hospital and return home – but didn’t realise how difficult it would be coping alone.

Ellis Sheldon talks over tea with Red Cross worker Sue Whalley

Support at home

Need help after a stay in hospital? Our volunteers can provide extra support and care at home, preventing unnecessary stays or readmissions.

Client being helped from the minibus by the volunteer driver

Transport support

The British Red Cross offers support to people affected by crisis by providing transport for medical appointments and essential daily needs.

eBay for charity logo

Support us on eBay by buying and selling auction items

Addicted to ebay? Why not donate a proportion of your profits to us? Or check out our selection of independent living products.


Urgent call for volunteers in Barnstaple

16 Apr 2010

A Red Cross medical equipment service in Barnstaple could close unless more volunteers come forward to help.

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