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Tackling loneliness and isolation with Co-op

Co-op and the British Red Cross have teamed up to raise awareness and launch services to tackle loneliness and social isolation in communities across the UK.

This innovative partnership was announced in July 2015 and launched fully in October 2015 when Co-op members, colleagues and customers began a wide-ranging programme of local and national fundraising activities.

To date the partnership has raised over £6 million, surpassing its initial target of £3.5 million, allowing the Red Cross to support even more people.

In December 2016, the partnership released a detailed study on loneliness and social isolation to help further our understanding on the issues.

This piece of work has also helped to inform where we can make the most difference through new services. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Co-op colleagues, members and customers, the Red Cross will provide direct, personalised support  for up to 12,500 people experiencing loneliness or social isolation across all four nations of the UK for two years from 2017.

Why loneliness and social isolation?

Loneliness is an under-recognised but increasing crisis that is shortening lives and eroding the health and wellbeing of people across the UK.

Loneliness is subjective. It’s a feeling that is very personal and some people may feel lonely even when they are around lots of people.

Social isolation is a bit different. It refers to someone who does not have a lot of contact with other people. They may feel lonely, too.

Either way, these negative feelings are impacting on people of all ages and backgrounds, across the UK.


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Loneliness and isolation

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