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What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed (or Really Simple Syndication) is a format on the web that allows you to stay informed of the latest updates on your favourite websites. Our feed contains our latest news, videos, podcasts and photos.

How do I use one?

To use an RSS feed you need a reader. There are number available both as downloads and online. Online readers include Google Reader, Bloglines and My Yahoo!.

Once you've signed into your account, you need to take the addresses below and subscribe to them. If you'd prefer, you can also subscribe via email to receive a digest in your inbox.

British Red Cross feeds

Our main feed is a mixture of all the feeds listed below and is the best way of keeping in touch with us.

 RSS logo British Red Cross RSS Email

You can also subscribe to our individual feeds.

 RSS logo News from the UK and overseas RSS Email
 RSS logo Blog posts RSS Email