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Loneliness and social isolation

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Over nine million people in the UK – more than the population of London – report they are always or often lonely.

But it can be hard to tell who is feeling lonely or isolated. 

This hidden issue is problematic because it affects people’s health and wellbeing. It is hurting our public services, too.

Every day, British Red Cross staff and volunteers see the damaging effects loneliness and social isolation have on people, many of whom are already in crisis. We support thousands of people every year. 

And now, thanks to a study commissioned by the Red Cross in partnership with Co-op, we know more about the issues than ever before – and how best to help.

We know...

  • Loneliness does not just affect older people. Many other groups in society, from young mums to those with health or mobility issues, experience feelings of loneliness and social isolation.
  • Life transitions can be key triggers for feeling lonely, from retirement to divorce or separation.
  • Without the right support at the right time, loneliness can transition from a temporary situation to a chronic issue and can contribute to poor health and pressure on public services.  

Based on this research, we are introducing new services to help even more people experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

Get involved in your community

We're looking for people to spend a little time helping others in their local area who are lonely or socially isolated. See how you could help people in your community.

Action on loneliness

The Red Cross is playing a leading role in exposing the crisis of loneliness and finding ways to overcome it.

Our new services will help thousands of people who feel lonely and isolated

And through our new Loneliness Action Group, we are taking forward the work of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, in partnership with the Co-op.

We are also continuing to develop and share new evidence on how loneliness and social isolation can affect people of all ages.

This will support our advocacy and campaigning to secure a lasting impact on this increasing but still little-known crisis.

What we know

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Read more about our research into loneliness and social isolation.

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Volunteer to help

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Could you spend a little time with people who are lonely or socially isolated?

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Help for those who feel alone

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Read about our new services and how we plan to help more people.

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“I finally felt like I was getting to grips with things”

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One man's story coping with bereavement and loneliness. 

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Partnering with Co-op

Find out more about our
partnership to tackle loneliness and isolation.

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