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Nepal: preparing for floods

Nepal is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries. Serious earthquakes struck near the capital, Kathmandu, in 2015. They affected 5.6 million people and got worldwide media coverage.

However, many people don’t realise that during the monsoon season floods can be a serious problem. People living in Nepal’s flat southern plains known as the Terai are badly affected. Seven rivers flow through the Jhapa region of the Terai, making it particularly prone to flooding.

Poverty is also a serious problem and many men work abroad to support their families. The women left behind must then look after their children, older relatives, farms, livestock and communities by themselves.

Following a successful project run nearby, the British Red Cross now works with the Nepal Red Cross Society to do similar work in communities across the Jhapa region. Together we will support 54,000 people in 54 communities to reduce their risk from floods and other disasters.

This includes damming and redirecting rivers, training in first aid and search and rescue, and helping families to earn a living.

In 2017, Nepal was hit by the worst floods in decades. Around 1.7 million people were affected, over 150 people died and 460,000 had to leave their homes.

The Nepal Red Cross distributed food to 42,000 people in temporary shelters. Teams have also provided over 46,000 people with essential supplies such as drinking water, hygiene items and blankets. 

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